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MN Fine Homes Featured in MSP Home Tour

The MSP Home Tour will feature a project that was done by MN Fine Homes in association with Biota Landscapes. The project is a beautiful contemporary remodel located in the Victory neighborhood of Minneapolis.

The Project: Cozy, story-and-a-half homes can be found in every corner of this area filled with cape cod inspiration, each one of them leaving you wishing those ceilings upstairs would back off just a little. the goal with this project was to reclaim space that was always there but couldn't be used. with a 10x20 addition, utilizing a modern design that incorporated a flat roof, we recreated a home that maximized every square foot. Partnering new square footage inside with a well designed outdoor space was a plan that had been in the works for a while. The goal was to create the perfect space for entertaining. beautiful stone patios, wood grain soffit, and a bar top that makes you feel as though you never left the kitchen make this home uniquely inviting, in or out.


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