w h o  w e  a r e

Minnesota Fine Homes is a young company with an old soul. Our journey began 19 years ago when our    founder, Rob Robertson, started RMR Carpentry. As RMR grew through the years, Rob started to feel a  pinch between handling Carpentry service work that made RMR grow, and working on larger projects  including custom homes and luxury remodels. 

In 2016 Rob started turning down work as RMR was tied up working on larger projects. It was at this point 

that Rob decided to start a new company dedicated to custom homes and grand scale remodeling. 

Minnesota Fine Homes has all the same people behind the helm that helped make RMR successful. You can expect these people to be involved on site on a day to day basis, making sure your project is running smoothly. With experience and a wide set of skills, Minnesota Fine Homes is a builder you can rely on. 

m e e t   t h e   t e a m


The Right way, the first time

Rob Robertson has differentiated himself in our industry by putting customers first, no matter the outcome. He does the same with our company and employees. Rob is hands on in everything MN Fine Homes does, giving homeowners confidence from start to finish.  

Rob Robertson
President and Owner

planning makes perfect

Amber will be with you every step of the way. From planning and initial design/consult, all the way to project completion. Her ability to put herself in your shoes will give you peace of mind while we tackle your project. 

Amber Ellison
Operations Manager

Building for the future

Cal focuses on our customer experience in every aspect. From sales and marketing to management, Cal is hard at work to ensure your needs and wants are met. 

Cal Ness
Project Manager

details make the carpenter

Phil has been a carpenter long enough to know how important every little detail is to a custom home or remodel. He works diligently on ensuring every piece of our work is the best it can be. 

Phil Bruzek
Lead Carpenter